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한국어 뉴스 코너:
불기둥 구름기둥 간증집: 2011   
2011년 동안 일기처럼 기록했던 간증들을 한곳에 모아 보았습니다.  애석하게  메모리 문제로 사진들은 포함 못시켰습니다.   
캄보디아 기드온 중보자 300명 운동:
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설교 말씀 Sermon:  * Click the title
끝내주는 신앙, Part I & II : 계 3:16
* 2012년 1월 3일 4일 클릭하세요
여호와를 기뻐하라: 시편 37:4 
믿음: 히브리서 11:1-2
정한마음: 시편 51:10-12    
정직한 영: 시편 51:10-12   
세계속의 한국인: KOSTE 2011   
나를 영화롭게 하라: 시편 50:1-15
나의 하나님: 시편 50 - Malaysia
특송: When you looked at me...

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Boredom is the root of all evil -

the despairing refusal to be oneself.

- Soren Kierkegaard

Prayer Request & Ministry Schedule:

May 2014

  1. Bullet5/1-4: Elblag, Poland Pastors Conference.

  2. Bullet5/5-8: Gdeiya, Poland - Revival meeting at the local church.

  3. Bullet5/8-12: Dusseldorf, Germany - Mentoring and ministering at Spectrum Church.

  4. Bullet5/16-19: NY Vision Church - Revival and Inner Healing Seminar with Jenny.

  5. Bullet5/20-22: NY - Time with Suemee family

  6. Bullet5/23-26: New Jersey Union United Methodist Church Revival and Sunday Service.

June 2014

  1. Bullet6/1: God’s Family Church Sunday service.

  2. Bullet6/8: Disciples’ Church Sunday Service

  3. Bullet6/8: NexGen Church Home shelter outreach service

  4. Bullet6/12: Travel to Korea

  5. Bullet6/15: Young Nak Church of Korea EM Sunday service

  6. Bullet6/22: Korea - Jubilee Church Sunday Service

  7. Bullet6/22: Travel to Cambodia

  8. Bullet6/24-26: Chiang Mai, Thailand - Asia Research Group Conference;  Paper presentation.

  9. Bullet6/26-30: Chiang Rai, Thailand - Revival meetings with Jenny hosted by Pastor Peter of Poland.

  10. Bullet6/30: Travel to Bangkok, Thailand

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New profile cartoon by Joanne SMN.  Lord bless all of 2014 journey in Jesus name.  Amen!